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Information on reliability of companies

   Before signing contract with the new client it is necessary to collect as much information on him as possible. In case of failing to evaluate financial condition of the future client the forecast income often turn into unexpected debts. In order to avoid indebtedness it is useful to evaluate payment possibilities, financial potential and the status of the client in advance. One of the information sources offered by our company is information on reliability of companies. It is made of constantly updated database with the following information on the companies registered in Lithuania:

  • Registration information about the company;
  • Changes of data of the company;
  • Information on insolvency of the company, bankruptcy, liquidation;
  • Managers of the company;
  • Information on debts of the company;
  • Information on the property of the company sold by means of auction;
  • Information on vehicles owned by the company;
  • Number of employees of the company;
  • Authorized capital of the company;
  • Information on income of the company;
  • Analysis of income of the company (as compared to other companies engaged in similar activities);
  • Information on real estate owned by the company and its status.

   Information is provided on-line, after entering your password you have the possibility to check all the companies registered in Lithuania – the number of checked companies in unlimited.

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For how long do you tolerate client’s failing to execute payments?

Two weeks.

23% (877)

One month.

28% (1041)

Two months.

26% (965)

I do not tolerate.

23% (870)