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Payments control

   The objective of the service Payments control is timely return of money for the sold goods or services not complicating relationships with the clients. In case your client fails to execute payments within the set time limits we send notifications to him, have phone conversations, visit him keeping good your mutual relationships.

   In entrusting administration of payments to us you will forget all the problems on recovery of monetary resources you have met until now. From now on you will be able to devote time and energy to the development of the activity of the company. Based on the experience of our company we can state that payments control is one of the most efficient debt recovery services the application of which ensures:

  • More rapid execution of payments;
  • Improves return of current assets;
  • Prevents from bad debts portfolio.

For more information please contact us:

Mob. phone +370 600 28 860
Mob. phone +370 600 28 861


For how long do you tolerate client’s failing to execute payments?

Two weeks.

One month.

Two months.

I do not tolerate.