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   UAB “Baltijos Inkaso” was founded in 9 June 2004. In cooperation with foreign partners the activity of the company is successfully developed in the Baltic countries as well as foreign states.

Principles of activity

  • Attention and respect to the client – we value the trust of our customers, therefore we pay maximum attention to each specific case and individual attitude towards the existing situation.

  • Professional competence – we constantly seek for professional improvement and are sure that competent specialists will solve your problems in the most efficient and prompt way.

  • Business ethics – in carrying out our activity we seek for implementation of new culture of settlement of accounts based on correct and ethic relationships of business partners. Acting as intermediaries we ensure perfect bilateral relationships.


   We are convinced that debt prevention is the most efficient way to avoid debts. When saying NO to your debts we combat with the fight against the sources of failures. Our aim is on the basis of debt prevention of to form operating and flexible credit management strategy and to offer our clients the most efficient ways of solving the problems.



For how long do you tolerate client’s failing to execute payments?

Two weeks.

One month.

Two months.

I do not tolerate.